Stable video has become more difficult since cameras and camcorders have gotten smaller. Tripods are great but not the best choice in all situations. You may need to move more quickly say when shooting a wedding or getting event coverage or maybe you just want to travel lighter. Most monopods are made for shooting stills, the Benro Monopod is different. Take a look.

4 thoughts on “Benro Monopod Review [VQT 57]

  1. Nice video Bill hadn’t seen anything from you for a while. Nice work

  2. Thanks Joe.

    I have a couple episodes stacked up, just trying to find the time to finish them. So you may see the ever changing face of Bill Mecca. LOL.

  3. Hi Bill, great to see you back. You and VQT have been missed but paying the bills comes first. Looks like and awesome tool for the arsenal. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

    BTW the beard is something else.

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