Want to add some smooth camera movement to shots where you are on camera but don’t have a camera operator?  Yoda Yeo on Youtube came up with simply brilliant solution.

Brilliant!  Especially in it’s simplicity.  

I was thinking about how to hold the camera in place while you get yourself in place for an on camera shot. Just take another piece of fishing line and some tape, set the shot up, “lock” it in place. sit down, settle yourself, and then release the line. No rushing  around to hit your mark and tripping etc and having to re-shoot. 😉

 I imagine this will take some doing, and require different lengths of line to stop the camera at different tripod heights. But it seems like a fantastic DIY solution. Give it a try and report back how it works for you.

4 thoughts on “DIY Solo Shot for One Man Bands

  1. Hi Bill, great tip and it’s really great to see VQT back on the air again. I know that your time to produce these is very limited but I’ve missed the episodes and always happy to see a new one whenever it’s published. Hope 2016 is an awesome year for you.

  2. Hi Tim,

    Haven’t had time to produce any episodes, though I do have some ideas. Hope to get back to it soon. In the meantime I try to pass along interesting things I find. I really like this one.

  3. Thanks Joe, not my idea, just passing along interesting items I find. 😉

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