We’re all striving, or at least should be, for better audio for our videos. If you’re recording a narration and don’t have a quiet space, take a walk out to the driveway and you will find a nice soundbooth. And while there you can record on a small digital recorder that can also be used for dual system audio. All in this episode of Video QuickTips.

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More Links—

And for some great DIY info, http://www.thefrugalfilmmaker.com

and my production companysite http://www.meccavideopro.com

Tascam Dr-05 at B&H ( I get nothing from this link)

Zoom H1 at B&H

2 thoughts on “How-to Get Better Audio for Video: Episode 39

  1. Thanks Joe. Obviously if I were recording a voice over I would not have put the DR-05 on the dashboard, I would have come up with better placement, even handheld. Another advantage over the H-1, the Tascam unit is solid and I have heard the H-1 suffers from handling noise.

    As always I’m using a Canon HV-30… I also have a Kodak Zi-8 but that is in the hands of a co-producer who was using it for a documentary shoot..

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