I was looking for a pocket camcorder for a particular project. I had used a Flip but there were things I didn’t like, I decided on a Kodak Zi8. Episode 27 of Video QuickTips reviews the Kodak Zi8, and talks about some chromakey or green screen issues.

Green screen is all about lighting, so make sure your screen is evenly lit, and that doesn’t always mean you have to actually light it. Light your subject separately and another tip, know what background you are going to insert and strive to match your subject’s lighting to the lighting in the background.

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5 thoughts on “Kodak Zi8 Review and some thoughts on Chromakey

  1. Hi Bill, great episode. While the Zi8 has a couple of great features the Flip doesn’t, the Flip (which I have) does have EIS which really helps when you are using a camera as small as these are. Eliminates shaky video when used without a tripod.

  2. Tim, the Zi8 also has EIS, but it is still tough to hold those tiny things steady. LOL.

    Don’t get me wrong, the Flip is a great little camera, it’s just for my purposes some of the Zi8 features (mic input and removable media) tipped the scales.

    My main purpose is to use it as a second camera and audio recorder for a documentary shoot in San Francisco later this year.

    Since the Zi8 uses removable media, I don’t need a laptop to dump the video onto in order to shoot more. (two day shoot and I expect more than 2 hours of video). That allows for lighter travel.

    I’ve always said, whether its video hardware or software, they are all just tools. You need to find the ones that work best for you. (and in editing software “work they way you think.”)


  3. Bill,
    I get that it has a mic input but would it be possible to connect multiple mics or are you stuck to just a boom for audio? Any way to add 2-3 lav mics?

  4. Steve,

    I used a small Radio Shack lavalier (the same as the current Audio Technica model) The Zi8 has a stereo input so you could use a stereo y cable that would put one lav on the right and the other on the left, or you could use a small mixer like the little Azden unit that used to be popular. You could also use something like a Beachtek xlr adapter to hook up two pro microphones. Or for larger numbers a regular audio mixer would do, but you would wind up with mixed audio. Hope that helps.


  5. You could use an audio splitter to put to mic sources into the camera. Or you could use a mixer for multiple mics or something like a Beachtek XLR adapter unit.

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