Everything we see is a reflection of light. No light, no reflection, no video. But you aren’t always out in the sun or have an electrical outlet nearby, what to do? Watch this episode and find out.

LED Lights have several advantages, 1: they are bright, 2: they run cool, 3: they sip battery power. Some say the light is harsh, but that is often because it is bright and too close to the subject. Physically move it back or use something like TuffSpun or a hankerchief to soften it, you can even bounce it off a white card or other reflector. Like any lighting instrument it can be customized and used to paint with light. Mounted right on a camera like a “sun gun” yes it can be harsh, but learn how to use it. And for the price, they are tough to beat.

Here are the links to the CN160 light the Alzo metal replacement connector

7 thoughts on “LED Light Product Review [VQT# 48]

  1. Nice review Bill, appreciate it, look forward to the next one.

    And……happy shooting.

  2. Thanks Joe…. last minute I decided to leave that in there. 😉 It appears my order is in town and I should receive it Monday.

  3. Thanks for the great review Bill. Great addition for run and gun shooters like myself. Anything to lighten the load is always appreciated.

  4. Glad it helps Tim. Will have a few more reviews coming, once I get things sorted out a bit. 😉

  5. Thanks for the review, Bill!
    I paid over $150 for a similar light a couple of years ago. At this price, I can get some backups and maybe even use them for a 3-point lighting setup.
    Very anxious to see your review of the replacement connector as mine did, in fact, break because it is a bit flimsy :(

  6. Your Welcome Deborah. I am waiting on the USPS for shipment. Will post something after I have had some time to work with it and check it out. You’re right that little piece of plastic is flimsy. What other kind of lighting do you use?

  7. Okay USPS delivered and I will highlight it in an upcoming episode, but the Alzo metal replacement mount does NOT work with the Neewer CN160. It’s connection is exactly opposite of what is needed. How I missed that? I have no idea. Will be looking for another solution.

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