QuickTips Episode 5 deals with keeping it legal when it comes to adding music to your video productions.


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3 thoughts on “QuickTips Episode 5 : Free Music

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  2. I ‘ve linked to your post – If the video was also on you tube I would of liked to have embedded it as well.

    Resources for midi which can be used would also be useful. I for one do not mind using Anvil Studio to create an audio track.

    Free music elements for your flash and video

    I’m looking forward to following your quicktips.

  3. Thanks Wayne,

    I’ve used midi as well, using Band in a Box. The tips are quick and not all inclusive..LOL I have some other sources I will be posting in the future.

    The video is also on my youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/meccavideopro

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