Framing and compositon, the rule of thirds, the guideframe, all aim at one thing, making better video. This episode of QuickTips discusses the Rule of Thirds.

Most cameras today have a guideframe, check in the menus and turn it on and use it until you get used to composing your shots.If you’re looking for more detailed information, a trip to the library to look at art composition books, or even just watching television or movies with a more informed eye can teach you a lot.

4 thoughts on “QuickTips Episode 6: Composition

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  2. Great video. I’ve posted it on my blog.

    I wish there was a tag or category or something for your QuickTips series, though. They’re really quite good.

  3. Thanks Cody, glad you find them helpful. I’m just trying to pass along what I know video and audiowise and am always open to suggestions.

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