When you watch television are you wowed by those fancy moving, swirling, undulating backgrounds? Wonder how difficult they are to create? They can be frustrating and time-consuming to create, but I will let you in on a secret. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone, but most are purchased from libraries of the stuff. Yeah, somebody makes them, but you don’t have to and after watching this episode of QuickTips, you won’t even have to pay for them…..enjoy.

2 thoughts on “QuickTips: Free Motion Graphics, Video Backgrounds and more.

  1. Bill, thank you sooooo much for this great video :) I’m very impressed with the quality and the professional look of this clip. You have a great lighting setup and an awesome clean color key. You’re also a great host :)

  2. Your welcome Joerg. I love your graphics and thought I would share the wealth.
    I think you would be surprised at how simple my lighting set up is. But that is a topic for another episode. 😉

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