Screen grab of Premiere Pro

Screen grab of Premiere Pro

I’m a one man band at work. Each year I shoot courtroom scenarios, all using teleprompter and volunteer “actors.” Three tests, multiple questions, multiple parts for each question. Sometimes my oldest daughter who is now a college junior helps out, but she couldn’t this year. I try to keep things as organized as possible.
This year was different. I had to shoot it, then put aside to work on a deadline project. I was then out several days for a medical procedure (I’m ok).

The past two days I shot my on camera pieces. I serve as the “proctor” I set up the scenario and then at the end close it out, read the questions and “you have X minutes to answer this question.”
So today I am editing the first test, I get to question three, part four, and check my notes, clip 27 is the next one I need. I go to the bin… no clip 27.  I freak out a little. can’t find it. I draft a co-worker to come in and do the shot, one line, on camera in front of the green screen (still set up from my on camera pieces.) I get it done, take a still of one of the other “witnesses” go to Photoshop, wipe out the person in the shot and clone the background,. Update in Premiere, I pull the key, it’s all good.

Then i get to the next question and find more shots missing, 28 and 29… WHERE ARE THEY? I grab the Compact Flash card from the folder and take a look. Whew! there they are. Apparently when I used the Sony Import Utility, I didn’t “select all” like I usually do, and didn’t scroll down all the way and wound up leaving  a couple clips on the card.

Moral of the story…. never, Never, NEVER wipe your raw footage clean until the project is complete.
Long way to make a point, but there ya have it…. that’s a wrap for today, next on to edit two more tests, pull all the keys, tweak audio, renders, and DVD authoring.

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