I went for a visit to my second home in Scranton, PA, where I worked in TV news. Back then, in the 1980’s Steamtown was more a dream than reality. I did cover the story when it was made into a National Historic Site, but it took years to create the museum. I have been back a few times since and it is wonderful how it all turned out. Back then they ran some excursions, but there was no museum or national park, as someone said, “it was a sideshow without a main event.”

One of my last stories for WYOU TV was covering a press conference about plans for the old roundhouse. The conference was at 10 a.m., my cameraman Joe Butash and I grabbed some b-roll, and I did a stand up in the turntable pit, up to my waist in weeds. Then we ran back to the station, cut the package together, got the live truck, set up and I did the lead story live for the noon newscast. Boy, those were the days! I have that story somewhere on 3/4″ tape, have to dig it out one of these days.

Back to the present. I was able to take a 4 hour excursion from the Scranton yards to the Tobyhanna station, which, as I was told, is the highest station, in elevation, on the rail line between Chicago and New York City. There isn’t much to see at that end of the line, but we did get to see an ice house at the mill pond. And it was the perfect time of year to catch the “flaming fall foliage.”

I put this little video together. I hope you enjoy.

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