You’ve heard the question a million times, maybe even asked it once or twice yourself. “What is the best editing application? Which editing software is the best?” Want the answer? It may surprise you. Inquiring minds will watch Video QuickTips Episode 42

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Here are links to the products mentioned

Magix Video Pro X4

Sony Vegas Pro 11

Avid Media Composer

Apple Final Cut Pro X

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

Download the trials, test them out and see which works the way you think.

5 thoughts on “What is The Best Non-Linear Editing Software?

  1. Hi Bill, I’ve been a Movie Edit Pro user since version 11 and am now on 17+. Not quite the same program as Video Pro X but close. I’ve used other programs (some you mentioned) but found the Magix products to be the best for my needs. I’ve been shooting and editing video for over 15 years and I will stay a MEP user until they quit making it.

  2. From what I hear from Jay Michael the two are pretty close, just more consumer stuff bundled in MEP, and you need to read the EULA about the auto generated music etc, it cannot be used for commercial purposes in MEP, but VPX it can. A lot of people don’t even read those EULA. As for functionality they are pretty close, but VPX gets updates, I went from 2 to 2.5 with an automatic download, whereas MEP just gets a complete new release. Each version has shown improvement as well.

  3. When Magix left the USA, I was at a point where I was very frustrated with several bugs that I was able to reproduce pretty easily. Bugs that Magix has chosen to ignore. Today I help folks that are using MEP and VPX, and I see that the current versions suffer from many of the same issues as 14, 15, 16 and 17+, as well as VPX 2.0 and 2.5 (same engine, same bugs)

    I have since moved on to a Mac using Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium, including Premiere Pro and After Effects. Really incredible. Still some quirks, but this is motion picture level editing software. I feel for industrial work, MEP is mostly ok for most people. It’s definitely priced pretty nicely, but for a comparable price, Sony’s Vegas line of products are far better (and this is from a guy who hates Sony).

    I still use MEP on my PC from time to time, but it’s mostly just to get project content from my PC so that I can edit it properly on my Mac.

    I tried Final Cut Pro X. I was sad to see that true non-linear editing is not really possible with it, since it requires the use of a magnetic timeline – eliminating our precious ability to “master” time. Also notable is that the Trial version of FCP doesn’t include the extra codecs, so whatever you manage to edit, when you render it, it’s not going to be small enough for you to really do anything with it. So unless you’ve got the bucks to fork out for the encoder program (FCP Studio is discontinued, so FCP, Motion, and Compressor are now all separate apps you have to purchase) you’ll be sad when you finish a project with the trial version.

  4. As I mentioned in the episode, visit the software manufacturers and download the trial versions. Sony Vegas Movie Studio is inexpensive and works well for most uses, Magix Movie Edit Pro is another inexpensive editor. On Mac you will be limited in choices to top end editors like Avid, Premiere and then the oft maligned Final Cut Pro X or the really unusuable iMovie, which comes with the Mac.

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